Sons of the Forest Wiki
Rebreather cave two sharks

This cave can be found on the northern most shore of the island and contains the Rebreather and the Stun Gun. In order to explore the underwater sections of caves, the rebreather is required.

The entrance to this cave is boarded up and can be easily broken open with the Tactical Axe, so this is often the first cave players are able to complete. It contains Blind Mutants, Fingers, and Mutant Babies.

In the entrance area of the cave are a couple of dead operatives and 2 boxes of 9mm ammo, a case containing 3 flares, and a laptop containing the GPS location of the Entertainment Bunker. Slightly further into the cave are 2 portions of raw meat. All these items can be retrieved without encountering any enemies.

Shortly into the cave, it will spit into two forking paths:

The Stun Gun can be found at the end of the right path on the corpse of a dead maintenance worker hanging from the ceiling, with the Leather Jacket nearby. There is an unreachable Sluggy crawling past a crack in the wall, but this Sluggy is purely visual.

Along the path where the Stun Gun is obtained there is another branch where one can obtain a crucifix schematic next to a group of hanged skeletons, you also find an item labeled ??? on a podium with sparks flying off of it

The rebreather can be found on the left forking path. A Shark sometimes spawns in the water here, but it can be easily dispatched with the crafted bow. If you're lucky, it won't spawn at all. There is an underwater path here that exits a short ways north of the beach in the ocean.