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Kelvin is a prominent companion in Sons of The Forest. He is a highly trained soldier, identified by his code name Kelvin emblazoned on his vest. Initially, he accompanied the protagonist on a mission to locate a missing billionaire family. However, a helicopter crash left Kelvin with severe brain damage, resulting in Kelvin becoming deaf and mute. As a result, he relies on written communication via the player's notepad. Despite his disability, Kelvin provides invaluable assistance to the player, helping with various tasks, such as constructing camps.


Kelvin's default attire consists of a Tactical Jacket and a vest bearing his name, with the added functionality of a GPS tracker that displays a blue K on the GPS interface. Utilizing the "Take Item" command allows the player to change Kelvin's outfit using items found throughout the game. However, it should be noted that this appears to be purely cosmetic and does not impact his temperature regulation or overall performance.

Behavior and Commands

As a result of the injuries he sustained during the helicopter crash, Kelvin has lost his ability to hear and speak, making it necessary to issue commands to him through a visual medium such as a notepad. The player has the option to customize the specifics of the commands issued to Kelvin, such as the type and quantity of materials to be gathered.

At present, there are seven known commands that can be issued to Kelvin.

  • Take Item
  • Follow Me
  • Get --> (berries, fish, sticks, rocks, arrows, radio, or logs) --> (fill holder, drop here, give to me or follow me)
  • Build --> (Fire, Shelter, Finish structure or Clear Shelter)
  • Stay --> (Here, At Shelter, or Hidden)
  • Take a break
  • Clear --> (5-10-20 meters)

Kelvin, when fatigued, will periodically rest by lying down before continuing his work. Kelvin will drink from nearby fresh water sources and feed on wild berry bushes or player structures.

Kelvin's keen senses allow him to spot enemies from a distance, and he will alert the player by pointing to their location. This is only possible if Kelvin has a direct line of sight with the cannibal due to his deafness. Kelvin, currently, is not capable of engaging in combat. If a combat situation arises, he might retreat, only returning once all enemies have been defeated, or the player has distanced them enough. While Kelvin can be incapacitated by enemies for a brief period, they do not possess the ability to kill him. The player can choose to revive Kelvin when he is down, though he will also naturally recover on his own after a short time.

Like Virginia, Kelvin's affinity can be improved, but it does not affect his behavior.

One of Kelvin's locations

one of Kelvin's locations.


After the helicopter crash, Kelvin may be found in the immediate vicinity of the helicopter, writhing on the ground.

You will have to approach him and help him get up so he can cooperate with you.


In order to "deactivate" Kelvin, the protagonist can kill him with a weapon. This will remove Kelvin permanently. Multiplayer sessions will be limited to having only one Kelvin.


Helping Kelvin after an accident on the island.



  • The developers compared Virginia and Kelvin to the behavior of cats and dogs, saying that Kelvin was similar to a "lovable and obedient dog."
  • The name "Kelvin" is presumed to be his call sign rather than his real name, considering the man sitting next to him in the helicopter cutscene has a nametag with the word "Fisheye."
    • His true name is speculated to be Robert, as he often appears in the game files as Rob or Robbie and in the game console as Robby.